Festyvent’s Enterprise solution enables Artists and Venues to turn their audiences into Super-fans through the collection of contact, demographic, location and proximity data, which is used to identify things that fans value, and what they are willing to pay to access them.

Unlike Artist apps, which are rarely used after first install, Festyvent’s white-label Tour apps are used before during and after the show that a fan is attending:

  • Before the show fans want to see the lineup, hear or watch some new content and plan their trip to the venue.
  • At the show they want to find their friends, buy food and drinks and get their hands on some tour merchandise.
  • The next day they want to see any posts from the band, see the official photos and make sure they didn’t miss out on anything that happened.

Fear of missing out makes the app stickier for the whole tour as fans are made to feel part of the tour community.

Hibernating the app when the tour finishes keeps the fan to artist relationship authentic and ensures fans come back for the next one.


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