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Here’s some songs to check out this week, if you don’t like them don’t blame me I didn’t write them.

The theme is bands playing at this year’s festivals so if you’re quick there’s probably still a chance to get tickets.


Bad Sounds – Enough

Mellow song with a nice bassline, perfect music for dossing around and idly tapping out a beat on the closest surface.

Catch them at  17/08


The Orielles – Sugar Tastes Like Salt

A chilled indie rock song that starts off tame and then it all kicks off.

Catch them at  24/08


Estrons – Make A Man

Angry female punky vocals that will make you want to put lipstick on and smash stuff.

Catch them at 02/08


Nadia Rose – Tight Up

Suitable music for when you’re wearing a tight skirt, and the sort of song you’d put loads of fire emojis after.

Catch her at  on 09/08


Easy Life – Pockets

A vaporwave-esque, chilled, fresh air, messy hair, don’t care sort of song with vocals by the long lost twin of Jamie T (probably).

Catch them at  26/07


Vessels – The Sky Was Pink

A song to imagine yourself running away from an army of rogue androids in the not-so-distant future to.

Catch them at 09/08


Electric Pyramid – 1989

A song to get into if you pride yourself on discovering bands before they become popular.

Catch them at 26/07


Punctual – What I Love

A real summery upbeat song to listen to in the park with your pals in this horrible, horrible heatwave.

Catch them at  17/08