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Create your App in minutes using our intuitive Festyvent App builder. Whether you are a festival or an artist, you can have your own branded app for iOS and Android that will enable you to really connect to your audience. Customise your App with a logo, background images, a video and even your own Spotify player to really highlight what’s coming. This is also the time to add your social media touch points for powering your combined Facebook, Twitter and Instagram news feed.


Communicate your festival line-up using descriptions, photos, music and videos. Detail where and when the action is happening for automatic addition to each user's calendar for events they want to attend.

Help your audience find their way by creating a Geo-fence for your venue and marking points of interest using Festyvent map icons. Festyvent iBeacons are great for proximity-based notifications such as offers when fans are near the merch stand or happy hour notifications when near the bar.

Keep the audience informed of last minute changes and organisational updates as often as you like. Send updates after the festival to incentivise the audience to provide feedback, vote for the best festival and provide links to early bird tickets for next year!


Watch your Festyvent audience grow before the big day and the performances they plan to attend. Then during your Festyvent see the performances they are attending and how they are using the various attractions and facilities. In the post analysis use timelapse heat maps to see how everyone moved through the venue and the activities they attended at various times of the day so that your next Festyvent runs even better.  


When hosting events with sponsors and partners offer them their own dedicated section on the app or highlighted spots when users are viewing the lineup. They can also get more engaged with your audience by using Festyvent iBeacons to deliver personalised offers and send promotions as your audience moves around your venue.


A platform providing new artistic dimensions for artists by harnessing the power of mobile devices in live events

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Bringing together Artists, Content and Media Tech Startups into Music Industry challenges; Discovery, Data Analysis and Monetisation.

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Artist services, Label services and Publishing services for the Music Industry.

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Your fan-powered tour promoter.

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Like-minded festival and event managers working to continuously improve the festival scene.

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Just fill in the name of your event, add your event's location and put in a link to your promotional video. Then click on the different colour schemes to see what your Festyvent could look like. Obviously your App will do so much more and branded yours when you create it for real! So if you like what you see why not create a free Festyvent account and see what’s really possible.

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