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We are a London based data analytics firm working for the Live-Event Industry.

Our technology enables communities to come together around shared interests, activities, and experiences.
We provide apps for Live Events that enhance audience engagement and grow your revenues.

The better you know and understand your audience, the easier it is to identify commercial partner and sponsors interested in appearing in your app, and engaging directly with your audience.

We can provide you with detailed audience data and social cluster profiles to target your audience more precisely and attract brands to your app.

By using the app, the audience creates data showing their interests and activities.

Analysing this data is looking for meaning and understanding. How did they get from here to there? Why this show and not another? Why is this bar mobbed but not another? We do not only collect this data and dump it in a repository; Using our analytical tools,we turn data into clear meaning and actionable insights.

To engage with your audience is to understand their interests and what they value, build a connection and open a dialogue.

Festyvents’ apps give you the tools to reach out to your audience and to guide them through the event offering timelines and schedules, suggestions, updates, ad-hoc events, push communications, and collects feedback on the spot.
We provide you with an app with your name, your branding and your design preferences. We also make sure that we use the best-suited app structure for your event.

The ultimate events companion

Festyvent’s Apps, Content Management System and Insight platform are essential tools for festivals, touring artists and venues to discover what audience’s love about them and to give them opportunities to spend lots of money on things they truly value.

Single Event

Festivals, Art Fairs and Conferences

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Multi Event

Venues, Tours and Cities

Not all events require the same app structure and functionalities

That is why we make sure at the outset to identify and implement the app structure which is best suited to your event.

The branding of any live event aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

As an additional engagement channel, the app must also be on-brand to project familiarity to the audience. We build your app using your fonts, your logo and your colour palette to deliver a seamless extension of your brand.

Our clients

“Websites are for discovery.

Apps are for engagement.”

David Jacobs

Founder, Clarifi Media Ltd

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